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Outline of courses/Class Schedule

2-year College Preparation Course<April Entrance> /
1600 hours(400days)

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Elementary 1 Elementary 2 Intermediate 1 Intermediate 2
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Advanced 1 /
Step for exam
Advanced 2 /
Step for exam
Advanced 3 /
Step for exam

1-year and 6 months College Preparation Course<October Entrance> /
1200 hours(300days)

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
  Elementary 1 Elementary 2 Intermediate 1
Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
Intermediate 1 Intermediate 2 /
Step for exam
Advanced 1 /
Step for exam
Advanced 2 /
Step for exam
Advanced 3 /
Step for exam

Class Schedule

Morning course 1st period 09:10 〜 09:55 Japanese
2st period 10:00 〜 10:45 Japanese
3st period 10:55 〜 11:40 Japanese
4st period 11:45 〜 12:30 Japanese
5st period 13:10 〜 13:55 Elective class
6st period 14:00 〜 14:45 Elective class
3st period 10:55 〜 11:40 Elective class
4st period 11:45 〜 12:30 Elective class
Afternoon course 5st period 13:10 〜 13:55 Japanese
6st period 14:00 〜 14:45 Japanese
7st period 14:55 〜 15:40 Japanese
8st period 15:45 〜 16:30 Japanese

Elective Subject

① Japanese subjects(Free) Speech, Pronunciation, Things Japanese, Kanji, Reading comprehension, etc.
② Step for EJU(Free) Mathematics, Social Studies (General subject), Japanese, Science and English.
③ Attend vocational school lesson(Free) “Hamamatsu Professional Training College of Information Technology” ”Hamamatsu Design College”
“Numazu Professional Training College of Business and Information Technology”
(Game Creation, Graphic Design, Makeup, Fashion, etc.)
④Applicants of Shizuoka Institute of
Science and Technology or
its graduate school(Free)
Attend university classes
(Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Material and Life Science,
Computer Science, Information Design, Architecture, etc.)



The characteristics of our Japanese language education are based on textbooks and curriculums of “Dekiru Nihongo. We aim to master“ability to communicate”to disseminate in Japanese itself, “ability to think”, and ability to talk to understand with others. In order to connect with people and society, it is necessary to communicate with each other and exchange each other while talking.In our school, we conduct not only learning in the classroom but also various forms of communication activities and learning Japanese culture, customs and human relations through Japanese. And we aim to acquire true “Japanese ability”, “academic ability”, “ Human ability”and to select the course that students can choose.

Additional Course Teacher Training Course of Japanese Language / The author made the textbooks over 10 years with her own practice at the educational interface and she herself gives us lectures.

Profile:Ms.Shimada Kazuko

  • ◎General Incorporated Association:Director of ACRAS Japanese Language Institute
  • ◎Public Interest Incorporated Association:Vice Chairman of the Institute of Japanese Education
  • ◎Counselor of Hamamatsu Japan Language College and Numazu Japan Language College
  • ◎Trainer of ACTFL-OPI


  • “Aim for Improving Japanese Lectures’ Strength—lively classes with Oral Proficiency Interview” HITSUJI SHOBO
  • “Raising Proficiency—Aiming for True Japanese Language Ability“ BONJINSHA
  • “Proficiency and Japanese Language Education” HITSUJI SHOBO
  • “Dialogue and Proficiency” HITSUJI SHOBO;“Discourse and Proficiency” BONJINSHA / Other Publishing Companie
Basic Course (420 hours as time unit)
"Japanese Teacher Training Course" (420 unit time course) of Hamamatsu Japan Language College is a new standard course accepted by the Agency of Cultural Affairs. Notification number 29052622002
Major Course (Practical Course)
We will place a completion officer (mentor) to each graduate student who completed the basic course (including those who completed 420 hours at other schools and those who passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test), implementing and instructing practical skills and exercises.

List of Payment (Tuition fee and Rent of Apartment,Scholarships )


Tuition Fee

First Year Second Year
All Course April Admission Course October Admission Course
Entrance Formalities Fee 100,000yen 0 0
Entrance Exam Fee 22,000yen 0 0
Tuition Fee 600,000yen 600,000yen 300,000yen
Textbooks & Materials 50,260yen 50,260yen 25,130yen
Japanese school student accident compensation system 15,740yen 15,740yen 7,870yen
Total 788,000yen 666,000yen 333,000yen

Residence Fee

First Year ※1〜4 Second Year ※1〜4
All Course April Admission Course October Admission Course
Four Persons Room 20,000yen/Month 240,000yen 240,000yen 120,000yen
Three Persons Room 22,000yen/Month 264,000yen 264,000yen 132,000yen
Two Persons Room 25,500yen/Month 306,000yen 306,000yen 153,000yen
One Person Room 47,000yen/Month 564,000yen 564,000yen 282,000yen
Comprehensive Compensation For International Student Housing   (For One Year) 4,000yen 4,000yen 2,000yen
OFUTON (Bedding) Fee 12,000yen 0 0
Cleaning Fee When Leaving 25,000yen 0 0
Total 281,000yen



Total Annually 1,069,000yen~1,393,000yen

【※1】In the apartment, it has already prepared lighting, refrigerator, desk, chair set, all including.【※2】Apartment fee would depends on each room.【※3】If the room & funiture broken, shall be inccured the payment. 【※4】Reference for each one of monthly payment is about 38,500 yen, details are Food expenses(25,000yen~/month)、Smart phone(5,000yen~/month)、Utility costs(Electricity3,000yen~、Gus3,000yen~、Water2,500yen~)/Month.【※5】Payments may be refunded if the principal deems there is a special reason who has declined admission in case.


Scholarships of Hamamatsu, Numazu Japan Language College
<Special scholarships as follows>

Name of scholarships Selection process and criterion Period of
offering scholarships
Scholarships for Designated schools ※ Students who was recommended by designated agents At the time of entrance ~122.000 JPY
Scholarship for
Special Students
Students who pass scholarship During attendance 150.000~600.000 JPY / for a year
Prize for Excellence Students who have excellent school record During attendance ~20.000 JPY

Designated scholarships
<The following public scholarships have been designated as schools>

Name of Scholarship Application Status Start Scholarship Amount of Scholarship
Mext, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Applicable Second Year 30,000yen/ month
Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship Fund Scholarship Applicable one person
(Number of 35 people for All Japan)
Second Year 60,000yen/ month
LSH Asia Scholarship (Li Hideken Honoring Scholarship) Scholarship Applicable
(Number of 40 people for All Japan)
First 、Second  Year 100,000yen(once a year)
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