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Enrolled in the College in April 2014


I have been studying at Hamamatsu Japan Language College for a year, and because of this my life has changed greatly. The teachers at the college teach with great enthusiasm not only Japanese, but also about living in Japan, part-time jobs, etc. Also, the college has a number of facilities to help you learn Japanese - I think they are amazing. In addition, it is great fun to become friends with people from many different countries.

What I am addicted to?

A part-time job can help you study Japanese!

I have been studying Japanese while doing part-time jobs since I came to Japan. The part-time job which our school introduced me is “waitress” at the hotel. Thanks to my part-time job, I can meet and talk with Japanese people. I’m sure that speaking Japanese with them every day will make you improve your Japanese. Especially, people in the hotel are eager to tell you what I do not understand about Japanese or other things. For international students, I feel that the Japanese people are always kind, not limited to the people of the hotel. I can only work for 4 hours every day, but I am always enjoying doing part-time job. Ladies and gentlemen, why don’t you do a part time job when you come to Japan?


Enrolled in the College in April 2015


4 months have passed since I came to Japan. The teachers at Hamamatsu Japan Language College are extremely enthusiastic. If you ask them about something in Japanese that you cannot understand, or go to them with many different questions about living in Japan, they always explain things with great kindness until you have fully understood. Also, the school has a number of events, and you are able to become friends with people from many different countries. As I have become used to life in Japan, I have been able to enjoy very fulfilling days every day. I want to try my best so that I can make use of what I have learned at Hamamatsu Japan Language College in the future.

What I am addicted to?

I experienced picking up Japanese oranges!

Hello everyone. I am TIEN TZULOU.I went to pick up oranges in December. It was a better landscape than I imagined. When I got a brochure, I thought it was a beautiful brochure. I guess it will be a nice farm. People in the farm carefully taught me how to recognize good oranges. It was lucky that I could learn how to distinguish good oranges from an expert. I felt picking up oranges like a treasure hunt and I was thrilled. My hand got sticky when it was over. I wish I had a wet wipe. Finally, I could drink juice without additives. In modern times, there are many items containing additives, so I like it because it was very good. I really enjoyed this activity.

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